(Deutsch) Thermoleitprodukte

Healthy Room Climate and Energy Efficiency through Heat Conduction

Thermoleitung gegen Schimmel

DÜMO-Thermo-Transmitting Plaster

The DÜMO-Thermo-Transmitting Plaster is a wall coating for the optimum temperature distribution of surface-integrated heating systems on walls. The distribution of temperature increases the area at which the heat can be dissipated. Temperature differences are balanced and critical areas, such as outer wall corners, are evenly supplied with heat. When the walls are warm, the heat can also get into the room faster which also entails corresponding energy savings by 10%.


DÜMO Thermo conductive plaster

In addition to a higher heating efficiency, the optimal temperature distribution on walls has also advantages for the sustainable prevention of mould and fogging (dark discolouration).  Both occur on cold surfaces and in corners, where condensation forms quickly when the humidity is high. DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting Plaster ensures a balanced supply of heat all along the wall surface. Difficult, cold surfaces are simply integrated into a heat-conducting network and protected against temperature drops. The formation of condensation is prevented, the space remains warm and dry. Mold and fogging is effectively counteracted. The customer enjoys a healthier and more comfortable living environment.


natural mold prevention

The innovative room coating is free of fungicides and does not contain any solvents. DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting Plaster can be applied easily, both manually and with an airless high pressure machine. DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting Plaster can be painted, easily wall papered and tiled. This makes the DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting Plaster a highly efficient building material and a cost-effective solution for a natural mould repair, especially for old and listed buildings. With its very high thermal conductivity, it supports a healthy indoor climate without toxins or components that are structurally harmful.

Since DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting Plaster absorbs heat extremely quickly and dissipates into colder areas, it can also be used in connection with cooling systems. Due to the constant removal of heat, the cooling of the room can thus also be achieved more efficiently. This option is particularly interesting in view of climate change and the associated extreme temperature developments. Both, heating and cooling, is made possible by using DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting Plaster in a sustainable manner, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


– High thermal conductivity
– Excellent temperature compensation
– Active against mold and fogging
– Cost-effective renovation
– Ready to go for any form of decoration
– Solvent free
– Free from fungicides
– Breathable
– Recommended for the long – term elimination of mould in living rooms and efficient
distribution of heat in wall-integrated heating systems as well as support of cooling systems

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DÜMO-Thermoplan is a highly heat-conductive floor leveling compound for increasing the heating of underfloor heating systems efficiency. DÜMO-Thermoplan is temperature-compensating and supports the faster release of heat to the room. Time-intensive heating of floors is no longer required. As a result, you will experience cozy and warm rooms at a lower price. For more information on DÜMO-Shielding Plaster, please email us!