Who we are

HEKAgraphit.technology is a company based in northern Germany, consisting of innovative thinking craftsmen, creative technicians and highly qualified scientists. All take pride in the responsibility for the development of sustainable building materials for a clean and healthy environment. With passion, experience and knowledge, we are looking for technologically advanced products as well as production processes for construction and building conservation, which are responding to the increasing demands on our environment, health and safety standards.

With the DÜMO-Product range, HEKAgraphit.technology offers functional surface coatings for effective protection against electromagnetic radiation, for optimal temperature distribution at interior surfaces and for mould prevention. DÜMO-Products offer effective solutions for beam safety and a healthy indoor climate to architects, engineers, building biologists, specialist dealers and craftsmen. Our team is able to adapt our forward-looking and environmentally sustainable solutions to individual requirements. The innovative products of HEKAgraphit.technology have already received several awards. For more information on EMR and shielding please email us!

Our Topics

The development of environmentally and health-friendly products and innovative technologies characterise the work of HEKAgraphit.technology. Questions on the development of effective and holistic shielding systems against EMF as well as optimized temperature management on the inside of the wall are central topics. We also deal with questions on improved energy use and energy storage.

Shielding of electromagnetic radiation

Due to the growing digital networking of all areas of work and life, new challenges arise in terms of environmental and health protection, as well as the safety requirements in industry, administration and critical infrastructures. Electrosmog is a health problem for many people and is increasingly perceived as such in the public eye. In the area of occupational health and safety, measures for the reduction of electrosmog at the workplace were legally anchored within the EU by 2016. In addition, there is a growing need for measures against EMF in private households.

The security of industry and economy as well as data storage devices is particularly endangered by electromagnetic radiation. The monitoring and spying of sensitive data and relevant information as well as radio-controlled attacks on entire industrial branches are now no longer just fictitious scenarios of the literature, but pose specific dangers to the general public. Protection against electromagnetic radiation is also of great importance in security-relevant facilities such as the prison system, e.g. The uncontrolled and unauthorized mobile communications of the inmates make the work of the judiciary and the prison system considerably more difficult. The establishment of jamming transmitters is cost-intensive and ineffective.

The increase in digitally controlled devices and machines also often results in a superposition of radiation. Electromagnetic interference, however, affects the functioning of sensitive devices and can lead to total loss of function. In response to these problems, HEKAgraphit.technology offers solutions for the complete shielding of radio waves, radar waves, mobile phone and WLAN radiation, as well as radiation of transmitters. For more information on our products please read here!

Heat Conduction for heat distribution and cooling

Who would not like to save energy and use even more heat? The highly heat-conductive DÜMO-Products from HEKA graphit.technology support the improved heat distribution of integrated heating systems on large surfaces. The energy consumption drops significantly as the desired room temperature can be reached more quickly with the same energy supply. For the customer, the effective energy saving is 10%! The excellent temperature-conducting properties of DÜMO-Products are also particularly suitable for the prevention of mould and fogging. Both phenomena occur on cold surfaces and in corners, where condensation is formed quickly in elevated atmospheric humidity. If the surfaces are supplied with heat evenly, condensation can not occur. Mould and fogging is effectively counteracted and you enjoy a healthier and more comfortable living environment

HEKAgraphit.technology thermally conductive products can also be used in combination with cooling systems, since they absorb heat very quickly and dissipate into colder areas. Due to the constant removal of heat, the cooling of the room can be achieved more efficiently. This option is particularly interesting in view of climate change and the associated extreme temperature developments. Both, heating and cooling, is made possible by using DÜMO-Thermo Transmitting products – environmentally friendly and energy-saving. For more information on our products please read here!