HEKA Graphit Technology
Innovative Products, Reliable Protection

Graphit based products and technologies for health, environment and future.

HEKAgraphit.technology is an innovative company that flexibly combines knowledge, experience and know-how to lead to innovative technical solutions, of which you can benefit!  Customer focused, we adjust existing projects to your individual requirements and develop on the basis of your fresh ideas and our expertise new projects and technologies.

Ecological sustainability is a key issue for us. The basis of many products and technologies is graphite. Due to its excellent shielding properties against electromagnetic radiation and its outstanding thermal conductivity, the flexible raw material is particularly valuable for our functional surface coatings of the DÜMO series. These include EMR shielding products like DÜMO-Shielding Plaster and DÜMO-Absorber Plaster as well as the temperature-conductive DÜMO-Thermotransmitting Plaster and DÜMO-Thermoplan. DÜMO products are innovative building materials are highly effective and have received several awards. Please read more about our products here or email us!